Recent work

Recent work
Universes and Action Painting
The Loop Series.
Inspiration Cities
About Jez Prior.

 I love painting and find it to have a quality of honesty I have not found in any other medium, it allows me to express myself without limitation

 I use colour in the purest way I can. Without imposing any form of representation or recognisable image, trusting the action of my brush more than my thoughts, I disengage my logic, letting the colours suggest themselves to me and shapes emerge that invoke a mood or feeling.

I tend to paint in a series of works related in a common method, always an intuitive exploration of the medium of painting.  This method of work always begins in a chaotic arrangement of paint that is then gradually ordered and made beautiful.

I fling or throw the paint from the brush, creating thousands of dots of colour over and over again, letting each colour dry before flinging the next layer. Sometimes thin glazes are applied to emphasize the shapes; sometimes I create paintings without the brush touching the surface.

Into The Fold. P.O.A
Acrylic on canvas 130cm x 150cm.

Acrylic on canvas 150cm x130cm

The paint travels through space and time before it lands on the canvas, creating an edge between chaos, order and beauty, under direction from my intention. Just like life it self, our intentions create our actions and the results of our actions are never quite what was intended. The paint lands where it will, its up to me, the artist, to order this randomness into beauty, again, reflecting the power and purpose of the human experience.

Temple Healing of Sorrow 4.500.00
Acrylic on canvas 130cm x 150cm

The Light at the End of the Tunnel. 4,250.00
Acrylic on canvas 60cm x 40cm.

Elbow 850.00
Oil on canvas 60cm x 92cm

Invasion 3,500.00
Oil on canvas 130cm x 150cm

Warrior with Mandala 900.00
Acrylic on canvas 40cm x 70cm

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