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The Green Path to Happiness 900.00
Acrylic on canvas 40cm x 100cm

  Jez (Gerald) Prior.Born March 23 1955.

 I can be contacted on 07957 346083 for enquiries about my work, my availability etc.
Having spent 30 years or so devoting most of my time to the music business, I began to have recurring dreams of abstract paintings on an increasingly regular basis. Eventually (around 2005) I decided enough was enough and it was about time I created some of these recurring images and abstractions.
In a former life back in my history, I became a  student at The Hornsey School of Art in 1976 after a foundation course at Barking technical college - of all places, incidentally, this is where I saw the Sex Pistols play at the Christmas party in 1975, in a pub in East Ham, before anyone else in the music business had seen them and it changed my life!
At Hornsey, Painting was deeply unfashionable, barely tolerated, it was the time of experimentation and conceptual art. So I went along with the whole thing and stopped painting, did some conceptual performance things and this led me to the experimental music studios in the college where I discovered Synthesisers, a four track studio. My interest in painting waned and took a back seat .
My new passion became sound , recording and performing and this led to a post punk band called The MONOS! Then a new romantic band called Victims Of Pleasure. I made records with both bands but had little commercial success. In the meantime I had learned about recording music and became a studio recording engineer in 1982.
I was a freelance engineer and co producer, working in many of the now legendary but defunct studios around London until I became a teacher of music technology in 1990.
I began to paint again in 2006, realizing the significance of this form of expression in my life I  devoted more of my time to creating Art until it became my full time occupation in 2016.
I have recently achieved a first class honors degree from the University of East London. Sculptures were made using plaster, bronze and stone, this led on to installations of a site specific nature using cling film to suspend objects in unlikely and precarious  positions.
 This in turn led to creating installations constructed using cling film to highlight a position or to fill a space, using the minimum of fixings, usually a single hook.
 Now I experiment with all kinds of portable surfaces for painting on, then hanging them   in unusual and unlikely ways that combines installation with painting.
The paintings on this site however are all on canvas stretchers.
 When time allows, I will upload photographs of installations created.






In another lifetime...



some of my favorite music:

Monos, Victims of pleasure.

This is an Album called Luna's Illusion by Sanya Budna.

I worked with her to produce this album in 2003/4