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Welcome to these pages that detail the work of Artist Jez Prior. All the works shown are original and unique paintings either using Acrylic or Oil paint and are on wooden stretchers.

To purchase paintings direct from the Artist, send a request via e mail to : There will need to be some dialogue before a purchase can be completed. Prices are not set in stone as such, so if there is any work that you really like, you could make me an offer somewhere near the suggested price shown. Paintings are not framed unless specified. Each painting will be carefully packed and shipped according to your requirements individually.

CRISIS (2015) 6,000.00
Oil on acrylic ground/canvas. 75cm x 120cm.

Somewhere In a Universe (2011) 4,500.00
Acrylic on canvas 120cm x 152cm

Star Nursery (2012) 8,500.00
Acrylic on canvas100cm x 36cm.

Spiral Galaxies (2011) 4,500.00
120cm x 152cm Acrylic on canvas

Dream of Surrealism (2009) 3,500.00
Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 100cm.